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Class duration Approximately 2 hours

Cooking Classes

Take the opportunity to be guided by our expert chefs on a Thai culinary journey and discover the world of Thai food for yourself, and take a few tips home from your summer vacation, through our popular cooking classes.

Class duration: approximately 2 hours
Venue: @Siam Restaurant Schedule: Upon request

Package inclusive: All ingredients

  • 1x glass of wine (our in-house red or white wine)
  • 1x recipe booklet
  • 1x certificate after class completed
  • 1x photo CD

Reservation: 24 hours in advance booked at reception desk Price: THB 1,900 person or THB 2,700 couple

Menu A

  • Glass noodles salad with minced pork and prawn – Yum woon sen
  • Green curry with chicken – Gaeng kiew waan gai
  • Spicy and sour soup with seafood – Tom yum talay
  • Stir-fired prawn with cashew nut – Gung pad med mamuang

Menu B

  • Deep-fried shrimp patties – Thod mun goong
  • Sautee sliced pork with thick red curry and coconut cream – Gaeng pet moo
  • Chicken soup with coconut milk – Panang gai
  • Deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce – Pla priew waan

***Some items on the menu may change according to availability of ingredients

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